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What is Digital Bay?

Our platform, powered by Web3, allows direct wallet payments for convenience and ease. Apart from retail items, Digital Bay serves as a one-stop-shop for any item you can find, why use other platforms when you can pay in Digital tokens rather than fiat cash? This innovative approach to shopping and payment ensures users maximize their time and productivity while maintaining privacy. Experience the seamless and efficient world of Digital Bay today

(DBD) Digital Bay Token:

Digital Bay provides partnerships with leading retailers will drive value to our native token incentivizing a boost to the token value. Along with many other utilizations including buybacks from sales, staking and passive income, Digital Bay will be the leading token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Digital Bay offers digital gift cards for hassle-free shopping. You can purchase gift cards directly from our platform and use them to make purchases from over 1000 stores without having to visit multiple websites.

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With Digital Bay, you can conveniently purchase gift cards using your preferred cryptocurrency wallet. Rest assured that your personal information remains private as Digital Bay does not receive any user data.

At Digital Bay, users can purchase from over 1000 stores using their cryptocurrency wallet as their payment source, just like using a debit/credit card on a website.

Our decentralized approach ensures hassle-free shopping without the need for KYC, and guarantees user privacy as we do not collect any personal information. In the future our goal at Digital Bay is to allow users the ability to purchase automobiles, real estate, and mortgages using digital bay or cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can make down payments, full purchases, or monthly payments on these assets, all without the need for KYC verification from our platform.

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Presale Benefits

Digital Bay will provide a centralized exchange right on launch. This will allow for mass adoption and will provide many new members to take part in our ecommerce ecosystem.

Utilizing Market-share for Buybacks

We will buyback the $DBAY Token providing holders the benefit of holding with profits through small taxes per transaction

Presale Discounts

Minimum contribution 1 ETH. More Contributions Count for more Chances.

There will be 10 Winners.

  1. 3 ETH + 1 ETH Worth of Tokens
  2. 1 ETH Worth of Tokens (2-5)
  3. 0.5 ETH Worth of Tokens (6-10)

Presale Details

Our Presale is taken place on PINKSALE where you will be able to purchase our token. The Tokenized utility includes but not limited to: Gift Cards, Discounted Web3 Purchases, NFTs, Treasury and Staking. .

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We have been KYC and Audited by Solidproof! This means our project has been officially proven to be safe Whitepaper: See linked our Whitepaper for more information on our tokenized launch along with more information regarding the Digital Bay presale and roadmap.

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We have over 500 merchants already ready to accept and use our platform. This provides an endless source of clothes, brands, unique clothing's and many more items.